What is SPC floor? Where is the advantage of SPC flooring?

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I recently discovered a problem. Everyone seems to know about wooden floors and tiled floors. But when talking about "SPC floors", Monk Zhang's head is instantly puzzled. In fact, this is not surprising. First of all, let me start with the origin of the floor. The history of wooden floor is said to have been produced in the East and the West as early as the ancient times, but there was no standard at that time. It is only now that the standard is gradually improved. Although it is said that it is said, I think it is also suitable. In fact, to put it bluntly, trees are the witnesses of the origin and existence of mankind. Most of the earliest tools and weapons used by mankind are caused by trees, and the earliest clothes worn are also the leaves of trees. Of course, there are many more to make up for yourself! The history of ceramic tiles should be traced back to BC, when Egyptians began to use ceramic tiles to decorate various types of houses. People dry the clay bricks in the sun or bake them, and then color them with blue glaze extracted from copper. Ceramic tiles were also found in Mesopotamia BC. This kind of tiles used blue and white stripes to achieve the purpose of decoration. Later, more patterns and colors appeared. China is the center of ceramic art. As early as the Shang Yin period, a kind of exquisite white stoneware was produced.

Looking at the origin of the above floors, SPC floors are indeed inferior, but in terms of advantages, they are indeed stronger than those of their predecessors, but few people believe it. In fact, sometimes I feel that people are always living in the process of discovering and solving problems. Today we discover the drawbacks of wooden floors and tiles and do not change it. So the harm may be our children and grandchildren, so we are citizens of the mass countries in every society. All should solve the problems found to benefit mankind.

So what are the problems with wooden floors and tile floors? What are the advantages of SPC lock floor?

Wooden floor: easy to be moth-eaten, moldy in contact with water, do not set fire, it needs to be installed with complicated means of keeling, and there is also glue with formaldehyde to cooperate with it, it is easy to be damp, has no affinity with people, and is easy to be heated and cold. The principle of shrinkage bulges, even the lock wooden floor will inevitably have this situation unless the floor formaldehyde made by the bad business exceeds the standard, and the lock wooden floor still needs glue to bond to some extent.

Moldy wooden floor

Tile floor: It is very fragile and not easy to be squeezed by external forces. It is fragile when falling from heavy objects. The surface is very smooth and cannot guarantee the safety of the elderly and children.

Shattered tile floor

SPC lock floor:

SPC lock floor