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Maintenance and precautions
  • How does PVC clean the floor?

    1. Dry towing: remove dust and dirt from the floor. Use dry or wet yarns, superfine fibers or other usable dry mops.

    2. Cleaning the vacuum cleaner: use the vacuum cleaner to clean the dirt and the dirt on the floor. This cleaning method can be used to limit the mop in the area.

    3. Micro wet mops: water or detergent should be slightly wet mop. The method is to use special cleaning drawworks to mop up extra water, except for mops can spray water or detergent. Please note that there is no water on the floor. After 15-20 seconds of completion, the floor must be completely dry.

    4. Memove stains: spray the diluted neutral detergent directly onto the stain, then use the white or red nylon cleaning pad to brush until dyeing is removed, and finally clean it with water.

  • PVC floor cleaning precautions

    A. remove dirt on the ground in time.

    B. in time to dry the ground water, SPC waterproof effect is outstanding, but long time ground soaking in water is easy to produce other problems.

    C. the maintenance cycle should be shortened for places with more human flow.

    Having local oil: oil, aqueous degreasing agent solution is poured directly on a towel to wipe; a large area of oil, will be diluted by 1:10 red cleaning speed is the only special dilute aqueous degreasing agent.

    Black offset: spray wax cleaning and polishing machine polishing pad and polishing white. For a long time black offset printing, you can wipe out a strong black offset printing agent directly on a towel.

    Provide the glue or chewing gum: rub strong adhesive professional towel wipe.

Questions and answers
  • 1.What is the SPC floor?

    The birth of SPC flooring material is a new material in response to the national emission reduction and the hard SPC indoor floor, very popular in foreign countries for Jiezhuang market, to show Home Furnishing decoration is very perfect, SPC floor with calcium powder as the main raw material, after extrusion sheet, four roller hot compress extension color film decorative layer and wear-resisting layer. Does not contain formaldehyde with heavy metals and harmful substances, 100% formaldehyde free environmental protection floor, real 0 floor formaldehyde.
  • 2.What's special about the SPC floor?

    The thickness of only 4-5.5 mm, slim design is a professional line of bold innovation, surface printing material, a transparent layer of substrate and 100% high pure wear forming, improve the service life of large flow of people, real wood texture and surface imitation of natural marble texture, in view of the characteristics of raw materials, fast heat conduction and heat storage duration, is preferred to warm the floor. Nontoxic, tasteless, not afraid of water, not afraid of fire, and not afraid of tide; the scraping performance, the use of resources, anti skid performance, SPC floor is better than the floor. SPC floor surface will not have holes, no water seepage; not after stitching seam, stain with a rag, wipe it gently, you can easily clean, do not leave indelible imprint, also do not need special maintenance and maintenance of products.
  • 3.How does the SPC floor be installed?

    No professional engineering personnel, free choice of paving modeling, free of glue, can be used repeatedly, suitable for a variety of pavement environmentSuper lock pulling force, easy to install.
  • 4.About SPC floor chromatic aberration?

    SPC floor for intelligent production line production, each link automatic control, ensure product quality such as one, good quality.
  • 5.About the wear-resistant grade of the SPC floor?

    SPC floor super wear-resistant, wear-resistant transfer number up to 10000 to meet the family, hotels, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, office buildings and other places requirements.