Three countermeasures to solve the management problems of flooring manufacturers

2020-07-30 11:59:46 浙江昊派装饰材料有限公司 Viewd 1784

Management is a timeless topic for enterprises. For the flooring industry, the quality of factory management directly affects the competitiveness of flooring companies in the market. Today, with the increasing development of science and technology, in the face of increasingly fierce competition in the flooring market, the extensive factory management model is no longer appropriate, and companies should face three major issues in production management.

1. Establish a standardized floor factory management model

Irregularities do not form a circle. Whether the flooring factory implements standardized system management is one of the conditions for measuring whether a factory’s management is effective, sustainable and efficient. It should not be implemented due to the replacement of employees. Personalized approach. Regardless of the characteristics of the factory, its basic management remains unchanged and needs to be determined by the system to form a consensus among everyone. If this is not done, in the long run, the management of the factory will be unstable, basically hovering at a low level, and it is difficult to reach a new level. This is generally manifested as an imperfect factory system, often difficult to complete tasks on time, and problems It's hard to find the reason, and I often push committees and gossip. Therefore, the flooring factory must establish a standardized management system, not just documents on paper.

2. Flooring factories should form and develop core capabilities

Each flooring factory has its own characteristics and strengths. How to gain a competitive advantage in today's market competition is the challenge that the market poses to factory management. It is generally understood that core competence refers to developing strengths and overcoming weaknesses on the basis of original expertise, but this is not enough, because competitors can easily do this, and this issue must be viewed from a new perspective. Core competence is a combination of tangible and intangible resources. It is an institutionalized, interdependent, innovative and practical knowledge system, which contains a series of experience and knowledge. Usually tangible resources are manifested in the human resources, production equipment, manufacturing process and working environment of the flooring factory, and intangible resources are manifested in the quality of personnel, corporate culture, factory system, experience knowledge, knowledge management and factory reputation. These are the core capabilities that need to be formed in the production of the flooring factory.

3. Construct knowledge management and corporate culture system

For flooring companies, knowledge management and corporate culture are the most basic and important existence for maintaining survival and creating brand value. This is what the flooring companies have accumulated in their work for a long time. A good corporate culture is the source of the core competence of the factory. For flooring companies to succeed in the current market competition, brand culture must be shaped, and a knowledge management system is also indispensable! Without proper knowledge management and corporate culture system, it is difficult for a scattered sand company to succeed in the market! Therefore, flooring The construction of enterprise system is imperative. The company creates an internal factory environment that can learn faster than others, trains young employees to grow rapidly, and continuously creates high-quality reserve forces for the factory. It is the basic approach to make the flooring company invincible forever.

In the process of industry transformation and upgrading, the management of production plants is a problem that flooring companies need to pay attention to. For flooring companies, if they want to break through obstacles such as rising costs and increased competition, flooring companies need to start from the factory and focus on internal management. Only by building a good brand, paying attention to the management system, and laying a good foundation, can we occupy a favorable position in the future market competition.