Zhejiang haopai Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.

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Since the establishment of the company, Zhejiang Hapa Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. has completed the team formation in the shortest time although it is only a few months. The technicians are on duty, the selection of machinery and equipment, installation and commissioning, and the establishment of good The supply system and domestic and foreign business are being carried out in an orderly manner.

With the good development momentum of SPC flooring and the status quo of continuous orders, the chairman of Zhejiang Hapa Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. pointed out at the meeting that he plans to open branches in Chengdu, Wuhan and other places to expand the company’s marketing scope and brand influence. It is worth mentioning that Zhejiang Hapa Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. not only has strict requirements for quality control, but also has a professional perspective on brand positioning and building. Hapa's goal is to be its own brand, and let the brand of Hapa enter into thousands of households, to give each pair of feet on the ground the most comfortable experience, the most healthy and safe material.

Regarding the layout of the sales network, we adhere to the principle of "grasping both internally and externally", give full play to the company's brand advantages and let the quality speak up, and domestic and foreign trade go hand in hand. For enterprises, sales are undoubtedly the most important link. Hapa advocates that neither organization building nor market performance is missing. For a sales team, whether the market and organization are more important, it is like asking, for a tree, is the root important or the trunk important? In fact, both are important. As a sales director, both organization construction and market performance must be grasped, and both must be hard. If a team does not have sales performance, there is no value. Performance is the value of the team. Similarly, if a sales area does not have a high-performance organization, there is no foundation for maintaining and improving market performance, and it is difficult to fight against competitors. Suppression and shock.

To build a disciplined and complementary organization. Organization is the guarantee of sales performance, and system and norms are the prerequisites for the existence of the organization, and the discipline of the organization will be the cornerstone of the long-term development of the team. Therefore, in order to have a good market, we must first build a strong team, and we must formulate strict team rules and regulations, order and prohibit, and be uniform; secondly, we must pay attention to the layered nature of team building and combine the old, the middle and the young. That is to say, there must be experienced marketing veterans, as well as aggressive "hardcore", and newcomers who are full of enthusiasm but insufficient ability, such as college graduates or other novices who change careers. At the same time, try to be Complementary abilities, for example, some are suitable for opening the market, some are suitable for keeping the market, some are suitable for planning the market, and so on. At the same time, as a sales director, you must dare to appoint people who are better than you. Only by appointing talents and talents can the organization be vigorous and strong.

Personal transformation and management ability improvement. To do a good job in team building, sales executives, especially those who are newly appointed salespersons, must do a good job in two aspects. One is personal transformation, that is, they must change from a business type to a management type. "Salesman", don’t take yourself as an improper cadre, just do your own business. What is your own business refers to the major aspects of the regional market, such as regional market planning, model market building, and market planning. Do not intervene or interfere too much with customer development, new product promotion, promotion design, salespersons, distributors and their personnel training, etc., as to the specific methods used by salespersons and distributors to meet the standards. Secondly, sales executives should put more energy and time on management, for example, manage subordinates, ensure that they do their daily work according to organizational requirements, manage the market, ensure that the product structure is reasonable, the promotion is in place, and the market is orderly. Good, etc., to show that professionals do professional things and ensure that the organization can function well.

Pay attention to training and organization internal help. Whether an organization can grow and progress healthily depends on whether the organization is a learning organization and whether there is a learning atmosphere within the organization. Therefore, as a sales manager, you must pay attention to internal training. It contains two meanings. One is the training organized by the company, often an external lecturer. The manager must truly organize his subordinates and listen to the lesson carefully. , Because the cross-industry experience of professional lecturers will inspire the team; the second is to establish a training system within the organization. This can be done by the internal trainer of the enterprise, or by the supervisor himself or the organization It’s not only an effective mode of transmission and leadership, but also an effective incentive mode. Through training and internal improvement, the quality and skills of team members can be improved. The overall improvement of the ability of the company and the improvement of market performance are a matter of course. Market performance and organizational construction can work together to complement each other and promote each other, thus forming a virtuous circle.  

We firmly believe that the future of Haopai will shine brightly!