What are the anti-war trends in the domestic PVC flooring market in the future?

2020-03-20 14:37:52 浙江昊派装饰材料有限公司 Viewd 1698

With the improvement of environmental protection standards and consumers' pursuit of product personalization and quality, my country's PVC plastic flooring industry will have the following development trends in the future:

Industry concentration is gradually increasing

At present, there are a large number of companies producing PVC plastic flooring at home and abroad, and the market is relatively fragmented. There are large differences between companies in terms of production scale, technical level, and brand effect. Few companies have large-scale production capabilities and core technologies. Therefore, companies with economies of scale, advanced technology, and relatively strong financial strength will have a greater competitive advantage, while companies with low production efficiency and average product quality will face elimination and further concentrate their market shares.

Continuous innovation in design and development technology

In order to meet the multi-level and diversified needs of consumers, the research and development needs of PVC plastic flooring are closer to the market. Enterprises need to develop and design according to the customization and individual needs of consumers for appearance presentation, paving methods, and subsequent maintenance. Thereby enhancing product competitiveness and driving the rapid development of the industry.

Integration of large-scale production and modern technology

With the continuous innovation of new products and new processes in the industry, PVC plastic floor manufacturers need to introduce intelligent production lines to achieve standardized, automated, and numerically controlled production operations, reduce dependence on labor, and improve the production efficiency and production of PVC plastic floors. Production capacity, so as to establish a competitive advantage in large-scale and high-quality production.

Green environmental protection has become a development trend

With the upgrading of industry standards, the promotion of industrial policies and the improvement of consumers' requirements for environmental protection performance of home decoration, the development trend of green and environmental protection in the domestic PVC plastic floor industry will become more and more obvious