The most classic 100 small experiences in decoration!

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1. Waterproof construction should adopt coating waterproofing

2. The waterproofing project should be done after the construction of the concealed project is completed and accepted

3. After the waterproof construction is completed, 2 water storage tests should be done

4. The waterproof layer of the bathroom should not be less than 1.8 meters

5. The floor drain, yin and yang corners, pipes and other places should be waterproofed once more

6, the floor drain should use a deodorant floor drain

7. The hot and cold water pipes are hot on the left and cold on the right

8. Try not to walk the water pipe from the ground

9. The cold water pipe must have a protective layer of 1CM in the wall, and the hot water pipe is 1.5CM, so the groove must be opened deep

10. When installing PPR pipes, consider the thickness of the tiles so that the pipes will not be exposed

11. It only takes a few minutes to cook vegetables, and it takes a long time to wash vegetables. You must buy a large water bucket

12. The faucet and basin need to be matched, and it can't be installed if it is not fixed

13. The toilet cannot be installed with cement, but silica gel

14. The toilet and faucet should be protected after installation

15. When buying a toilet, consider the pit distance of the toilet

16. The washing machine should consider whether it is upper drain or lower drain

17. It is best not to install a phone in the bathroom, it is easy to get damp

18. The size of the mirror in the bathroom must be considered first, otherwise the mirror front lamp will easily be installed high

19. It is better to leave inspection holes for toilet pipes

20. Strong electricity and weak electricity cannot be worn in the same tube

21. Grounding on the left zero and right phase

22. The power socket is 300 meters from the ground and the switch is 1.4 meters

23. Do not install the switch behind the door

24. A lot of sockets are good

25. 16A sockets for high-power electrical appliances, such as electric ovens, etc.

26. Use a good cassette

27. The cassette must be matched with the panel, otherwise it may not be installed

28. The cross-sectional area of the wire in the PVC electrical conduit shall not exceed 40% of the cross-sectional area of the electrical conduit

29. The air conditioner in the bedroom should not face the bed  

30. The air-conditioning hole should be inclined outward, otherwise rainwater will come in

31. Try to consider dual control for lights

32. It is best to install a splash-proof socket in the bathroom

33. Consider a socket on the balcony

34. The wire trough should be horizontal and vertical, and the photos should be arranged so that it will be convenient to use later

35. The public flue must be equipped with a check valve

36. The purchased electrical appliances must be carefully read by the workers

37. The manual and warranty card must be kept well


38. Cement can no longer be used after three months of delivery

39. Different types and grades of cement cannot be mixed

40. You must use river sand for yellow sand, just taste the taste with your mouth.

41. The wall and floor tiles must be soaked in water for more than two hours, and can only be pasted after they are dry

42. It is better to buy a few more pieces of wall and floor tiles, not less, otherwise color difference will easily occur

43. There cannot be two rows of non-whole bricks on one wall

44. Clean the tiles immediately after wiping the seams

45. The floor is pasted with marble (light color), and the back of the stone should be waterproof

46. Cut a 45 degree angle at the sun angle

47. The floor tiles should be inclined to the floor drain, otherwise it is easy to accumulate water

48. The wall tiles should be cut when they meet the pipe mouth, so that they look like a whole brick

49. Floor marble should be dry

50. Floor tiles must be dirt-resistant and non-slip, not just for good-looking

51. Matte tiles are difficult to clean

52. Pay attention to the drainage direction of balcony floor tiles


53. Ground keel is best to use dried larch

54. After buying large wooden boards, they must be sawed and air-dried

55. Woodworker must first play the house horizontal line when entering the field

56. Buy the paint and brush once the decorative panel comes in to prevent it from being stained

57. Ceiling fans cannot be installed on the ceiling keel

58. Color panel should be selected in advance during construction

59. The distance between the suspension bars of the suspended ceiling and the wall shall not be greater than 300

60. The gypsum board should be fixed with countersunk self-tapping screws, enter the board surface 1~2mm, and do anti-rust treatment, not gun nails

61. The distance between gypsum board nails shall not be greater than 200

62. The gypsum board should have a 3mm seam with the wall to prevent cracking

63. It is best to do the protection of the external corner of the gypsum board

64. Paint the top and bottom of the wooden door

65. Brush the bottom of the bathroom door cover for waterproofing

66. The size of the door should be the same

67. The furniture should not be made by carpentry as much as possible, and it can't be done well

68. Try to buy the cabinets as a whole, the woodwork is not good, and the design is not good

69. The size of each medium must be considered, it will be more troublesome to change

70. Do not make a dark track for the sliding door that you make yourself, as there is no way to repair it in the future

71. If the bathroom is small, try to move the door instead of opening the door, take up space

72. If you are not sure about woodworking, you must communicate more with the foreman, and you must not let them make their own decisions.

73、Money is the last word

74. If there are children at home, use less glass

75. Workers must read the drawings carefully

76. Kitchen drawers are useful

77. The flatness of the floor wood keel is 5MM

78. The rough floor should be laid at 30 degrees or 45 degrees, 2~3mm between the board and the board, and the seams should be staggered

79. Leave a gap of 8~10mm between the floor and the wall

80. Expansion joints should be considered when the length of the composite floor exceeds 8M

81. Minimize the use of MDF as door cover

82. Hinges and hardware must be used well

83. Yuba must be installed on the wooden keel, not directly on the ceiling

84. Try not to add water when applying medium and dark latex paint, otherwise color difference will easily occur

85. Bandages should be put on the joints of gypsum board

86. It is better to put cool cloth on the wall with gaps

87. It is best to remove the putty on the wall or apply glue to seal it.

88. Try to buy paints of well-known brands, and try not to use those recommended by the decoration company or the foreman who are not well-known

89. The weather is too humid, do not paint

90. Polishing of paints and coatings should be done after they are completely dry

91. The next paint construction must be done after the previous paint is dry

92. The paint on the metal surface should be treated with rust prevention

93. If the weather is too cold, the quality of paint construction will be poor

94. When painting the door, use masking paper to stick the hinges and door locks

95. The weather is too hot, so pay attention to ventilation

96. When putting up wallpaper, paint the wall with oil

97. When pasting wallpaper, remove the switch and socket panels

98. Glossy and mercerized latex paint should be completed at one time, and the color difference is likely to occur.

99. After the skirting is installed, putty and latex paint should be used to repair the seam

100. Frosted glass should be protected with newspaper